FedEx Institute Will Host Intensive Blockchain Technology Workshop Aug. 4-5

July 14, 2016 - The FedEx Institute of Technology will host a two-day intensive workshop, "Blockchain for Professionals," Thursday, Aug. 4, and Friday, Aug. 5, in the Zone conference room in the FedEx Institute. Blockchain technology is a critical component of modern cyber security infrastructure and first gained prominence as the backbone of bitcoin. While the technology has its roots in financial transactions, its potential, which relies on a distributed database architecture, represents a critical shift in how data is secured and managed.

Participants will learn how blockchain technology is disrupting existing business models and will gain insights into paradigmatic changes occurring from economic, organizational and computer science viewpoints. As a result, they will be able to develop their own new value creating information systems.

As learning outcomes, the participants will receive computer science, information systems and business knowledge background in order to analyze existing business processes and their potential to convert them into blockchain-based solutions. In doing so, they will be able to co-create new blockchain-based cryptographic economic systems.

Instructors for the workshop are Dawn Jutla and Peter Bodorik. Jutla is a principal at Peer Ledger Inc., a startup that focuses on developing blockchain proofs of concept for large corporate customers. She is also the Scotiabank Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship at the Sobey School of Business in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bodorik is the interim COO at Peer Ledger Inc. and a professor of computer science at Dalhousie University.

Register for the workshop at memphis.edu/fedex/blockchain/.

Contact: Mary Ann Dawson