Online Ethereum Developer: Level I - Solidity

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Kickstart your development with asynchronous Enterprise level training with in-depth instruction and training on blockchain concepts and technologies including multiple smart contracts.
  • Teaches and assesses knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop smart contracts in solidity
  • Certificate from the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis
  • Unlocks Level 2 courses for smart contract security, multiplatform web3, and architecting decentralized applications
Course Details:
  • Over 100 modules available on desktop or mobile, anywhere and at anytime
  • Blockchain and Ethereum fundamentals
  • Builds expertise in industry standard tools
  • Full development environment set up with video walkthroughs
  • Hands-on contract development that progressively builds to complex contracts
  • Automated testing methodology and development
  • Contract debugging via console, tests, and web interfaces
  • Capstone project that assesses knowledge, skills, and abilities to build a distributed-app
  • Online instructor support 
Course Includes:
  • History of blockchain and Ethereum,
  • State machines
  • Ethereum transactions
  • Solidity language basics and features
  • Node setup
  • Truffle
  • Ganache
  • Setting up your own testnet
  • Faucets
  • Traditional app v. dApp architecture
  • Wallets
  • Web3js
  • In-depth development of multiple smart contracts.
A certified online course from the University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology. Successful completion of the course includes capstone project and will be awarded a certificate along with confirmation hash on the Ethereum blockchain.
Online Version: Upon registration, you are provided a 3-month access code to complete the online course and capstone. 
Cost: $899 Online 

*Tuition reimbursement is available

**Update: Deferred payment is no longer available at the University of Memphis if you are using tuition reimbursement. You will need to pay for the course prior to the course start date (a payment link will be emailed to you) or you will not be allowed into the class. The only invoice payments that are allowed is when the course will be paid for by your cost center.**

All trainings are NONREFUNDABLE within 14 days of the training’s scheduled start date. Attendees who wish to cancel within the 14-day nonrefundable period will need to email Rami Lotay (rslotay@memphis.edu) and give a detailed explanation as to why they cannot possibly attend, as they will still be liable for payment in full.
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