Birds of MBS

Following is a list of birds that were observed or heard at Meeman Biological Station in April 2016. Birds highlighted in yellow were observed or heard by a group led by Jerad Henson (Department of Biological Sciences graduate student), birds highlighted in green were observed or heard by a group led by Dr. Dan Twedt (USGS) and birds not highlighted were observed or heard by both groups as they participated in the first ever Memphis BioBlitz.



Common Name

Scientific Name

1 American Crow Corvus brachyrhynchos
2 American Goldfinch Spinus tristis
3 American Robin Turdus migratorius
4 Bald Eagle (juvenile) Haliaeetus leucocephalus
5 Barn Owl Tyto alba
6 Blue Jay Cyanocitta cristata
7 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Polioptila caerulea
8 Brown Thrasher Toxostoma rufum
9 Brown-headed Cowbird Molothrus ater
10 Canada Goose Branta canadensis
11 Carolina Chickadee Poecile carolinensis
12 Carolina Wren Thryothorus ludovicianus
13 Cedar Waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum
14 Chipping Sparrow Spizella passerina
15 Common Grackle Quiscalus quiscula
16 Dark-eyed Junco Junco hyemalis
17 Double-crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus
18 Downy Woodpecker Picoides pubescens
19 Eastern Bluebird Sialia sialis
20 Eastern Phoebe Sayornis phoebe
21 Eastern Towhee Pipilo erythrophthalmus
22 Fish Crow Corvus ossifragus
23 Golden-Crowned Kinglet Regulus satrapa
24 Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias
25 Great Egret Ardea alba
26 Hooded Warbler Setophaga citrina
27 Louisiana Waterthrush Parkesia motacilla
28 Mourning Dove Zenaida macroura
29 Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis
30 Northern Mockingbird Mimus polyglottos
31 Northern Parula Setophaga americana
32 Pileated Woodpecker Hylatomus pileatus
33 Red-bellied Woodpecker Melanerpes carolinus
34 Red-eyed Vireo Vireo olivaceus
35 Red-headed Woodpecker Melanerpes erythrocephalus
36 Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis
37 Red-winged Blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus
38 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Regulus calendula
39 Song Sparrow Melospiza melodia
40 Tufted Titmouse Baeolophus bicolor
41 Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura
42 White-breasted Nuthatch Sitta carolinensis
43 White-eyed Vireo Vireo griseus
44 White-throated Sparrow Zonotrichia albicollis
45 Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo
46 Wood Duck Aix sponsa
47 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sphyrapicus varius
48 Yellow-rumped Warbler Setophaga coronata
49 Yellow-throated Vireo Vireo flavifrons
50 Yellow-throated Warbler Setophaga dominica