Research at Meeman Biological Station

Research at the Edward J. Meeman Biological StationCurrent research at MBS emphasizes multidisciplinary realms of inquiry. Our approaches are organized mostly in terms of collaborative or integrative syntheses, rather than separate disciplines. Such a perspective is critical for a more informed understanding the biocomplexity of ecological and evolutionary phenomena. The scientists involved in defining the research vision of MBS are committed to these values and to a comprehensive research program where participants will be flexible, broader, and more skilled at collaborative, multidisciplinary, and group research rather than strict approaches along disciplinary lines. This tradition has been firmly established by MBS Director and has considerably improved the caliber of research and training programs at MBS.

Current Research Tracks

  • River, floodplain, and wetland ecology
  • Evolutionary ecology of hybridization
  • Mammalogy
  • Wildlife ecology
  • Genetics
  • Conservation biology
  • Evolution of mammalian behavioral systems