Students at the Meeman Educational tours
Meeman Tanks
Students at the Meeman Educational tours
Students at the Meeman Educational tours
Students at the Meeman Educational tours
MBS Forest Walk

Educational experiences are wide ranging at the MBS. The station has been used extensively by several departments at the University of Memphis to conduct courses, which have a strong field study and laboratory analysis component.

Local elementary schools have been invited to the MBS to investigate flora and fauna. Several faculty in Department of Biological Sciences have provided weekend educational tours on the natural history of the Chicksaw Bluffs. These events have attracted local community members and individuals from the city of Memphis.

If you are an instructor and would like to utilize the MBS for your field course or if you are interested in other educational opportunities for students, please contact us

University Educational Experiences

The Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Earth Sciences use the MBS to teach classes during spring, summer, and fall semesters. These courses incorporate lecture, data collection in the surrounding environments, and laboratory analysis onsite at the MBS. Several courses use the MBS as a staging site for numerous class field projects along the surrounding floodplain rivers. Several instructors have established long-term study sites that are revisited each year or each semester. The long-term study sites will continue to produce data of relevance to other studies and these data will be made available to other researchers and classes upon request.

Local Schools and Community Educational Experiences

The Department of Biological Sciences has been involved in providing experiential learning events for students from local schools and for individuals from the Memphis metropolitan area. Several different trails on the MBS property explore the habitats and wildlife often encountered in western Tennessee. The Program Coordinator of the MBS, along with professors and graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences, often host educational events with field and/or classroom components for students and others in the community interested in learning more about science and nature.