Graduate Certificate Program in Data Analytics for Technology

The business intelligence and analytics discipline has become very important in information systems and industry, due to increased access to big data, unstructured and structured data, and strategic business decision making. These increasingly complex decision making capabilities lead directly to competitive advantage and increased profits. Thus, trained business analysts with skills in addressing data management and business intelligence and analytics are in high demand.

Memphis-area companies are particularly interested in employees and applicants with business intelligence and analytics skills. The objectives of this certificate program will be to educate individuals in the current tools, techniques, and processes of business intelligence and analytics, so that they can effectively contribute to industry analytics efforts with a specific emphasis in the integration of data from a variety of business processes and sources. It will also develop individuals' applied data analytics skills so that they can serve in appropriate corporate roles. Specifically, it will deal with techniques and methods, including artificial neural networks, decision trees, nearest neighbor approaches, predictive modeling, and genetic algorithms. The program will offer guidance on building the business case, building the model including problem definition and data evaluation, and evaluation of the model.


  1. Same as College and University requirements

  2. The certificate program in Data Analytics for Technology may be pursued concurrently with other graduate programs at the University of Memphis. To be approved for the program, students currently admitted to a graduate program at this University must complete an application form and submit it and a current graduate transcript to the Department of Management Information Systems for review.

  3. Non-degree seeking graduate students may also pursue this certificate program of study. To be approved for the program, these students must submit evidence of this non-degree-seeking graduate student status, along with the completed application form, to the Department of Management Information Systems for review.

  4. Admission to this certificate program is not an implied acceptance into any master's degree program in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics.

  5. You do not need a GRE or GMAT score for admission into the certificate program unless applying for degree-seeking status to earn master's degree.

Program Requirements

Please visit the Data Analytics for Technology entry in the graduate catalog for more information on these courses. This program requires completion of 12 semester credit hours, as follows:

The following 4 courses must be satisfactorily completed for a total of 12 hours of credit. (Note that the first and last class listed are mandatory, but the middle two sections have options).

  • MIS 7190 - Programming For Business
  • Choose one of these three hours (one course) from this group:
    • MIS 7660 - Advanced Data Management
    • COMP 7116 - Adv Database Systems
  • Choose one of these three hours (one course) from this group:
    • MIS 7620 - Business Machine Learning I **
    • COMP 7118 - Data Mining **
  • MIS 7621 - Business Machine Learning II

Graduation Requirements

  1. To obtain the certificate, a student must complete all four of the required courses with an average grade of 3.0 (B) or higher, for a total of 12 credits.

  2. In the semester of graduation, the student must submit an Intent to Graduate form to the Graduate School and a Graduate Certificate Candidacy form to the College Director of Graduate Studies by the deadline specified by the Graduate School.

Course Descriptions

Please visit the Data Analytics for Technology entry in the graduate catalog.

Contact Us

To apply or for more information, please contact:
Dr. S. J. (Sandy) Schaeffer, III
Email | 901.678.2608

To apply, please visit the Graduate Admissions website.

* Means that a class can be substituted out to replace that class, if given permission.

** Means the course can be offered online some semesters.