The Southern Journal of Philosophy together with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Memphis, the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change, & the Marcus Orr Center for the Humanities, is proud to present:

The 2022 Workshop: Early Modern Social Justice


Susan James

Headshot of Susan James"Learning to Live More Equitably: Early Modern Explorations"


Samuel Fleischacker

Headshot Samuel Fleischacker"Once More Unto the Breach: Kant and Race"

Also featuring:

Myisha Cherry
Myisha Cherry
Brandon Hogan
Brandon Hogan
Lori Watson
Lori Watson


Invited Panelists:

Dwight Lewis
Dwight Lewis
Getty Lustila
Getty Lustila
Charlotte Sabourin
Charlotte Sabourin


Early Modern Social Justice – Program of Events (All Times Central Standard)

All Events to be held in the UC Fountain View Room

Friday, April 8

8:30 | Coffee

8:50 | Opening Remarks: Remy Debes, Co-Editor, The Southern Journal of Philosophy

Session 1


  • “Why Should We Research and Teach Women’s Contributions to the History of Philosophy”
    Hope Sample (Grand Valley State)


  • “Suffering for Justice in Anne Conway and Maria W Stewart”
    Timothy Yenter (University of Mississippi)

    Chair: Ian Maclean-Evans (Carleton U)

10:00-10:15 | Break

Session 2 | Invited Speaker 


  • “Hegelian Restorative Justice”
    Brandon Hogan (Howard University)

    Chair: Michael Monahan (University of Memphis)

11:15-12:30 | Break & Lunch (UC Food Court; or Tiger Den)

12:30 | Coffee

Session 3


  • “Competition and Justice in Adam Smith”
    Timo Jütten (University of Essex)


  • “Kant on Poverty, Dependence, and Dehumanization”
    Sylvie Loriaux (Laval)

    Chair: Nick Hadsell (Baylor)

1:45-2:00 | Break

Session 4 | Keynote 1 ~ delivered in honor and memory of Professor Charles Mills ~


  • “Once More Unto the Breach: Kant and Race” 
    Samuel Fleischacker (University of Illinois, Chicago)


  • Invited Comments on Fleischacker
  • Myisha Cherry (University of California, Riverside)

    Chair: Lindsey Stewart (University of Memphis)

3:30-4PM | Coffee & Cookies

Session 4 | Keynote 2 


  • “Learning to Live More Equitably: Early Modern Explorations”
    Susan James (Birbeck College, University of London)

    Chair: Remy Debes (University of Memphis)

5:45-9:00 | Conference BBQ

  • At the home of Remy and Anu Debes – Address Announced by email

Saturday, April 9

10:15                 Coffee

Session 1


  • “Gender and Racial Prejudice in Testimony: Marie de Gournay and Anton Wilhelm Amo”
    Allauren Forbes (McMasters)

    Chair: Jasper St. Bernard (Memphis)


  • “Enlightenment and Social Justice in Hobbes”
    Daniel Pepe (Loyola)

    Chair: Zachary Auwerda (Memphis)

12:00 | Break: Pizza & Salad Lunch

Session 2

1:15 | Lightning Rounds

Graduate Student 7-minute presentations; 7-minute Q&A

  1. “Spinoza and Self-Destruction: Oppression and Suicide”
    Ian Maclean-Evans (Carleton U)
  2. “Kant and the Authority Thesis”
    Nick Hadsell (Baylor)

    Chair: Deborah Tollefsen (Memphis)

Session 3


  • “Cartesian Physiology and the Equality of the Sexes”
    Aaron Spink (Darmouth)

    Chair: James Bahoh (Memphis)

2:15-2:30 | Break

Session 4 | Invited Speaker


  • “Rousseau's account of sexuality and domination”
    Lori Watson (Washington University, St Louis)

    Chair: John Protevi (LSU)

3:30-4:00 | Coffee and Cookies 

Session 5 | Invited Panel 


  • “Disrupting Dominance: A Canon?”
    Dwight Lewis (University of Minnesota)


  • “Inequality and the Limits of Political Obligation in Grouchy’s Letters on Sympathy”
    Getty Lustila (Northeastern University)


  • “Madame de Staël’s Contribution to Early Feminism”
    Charlotte Sabourin (Douglas College)

5:15                 Q&A

Chair: Daniel Smith (University of Memphis)

5:45 | Closing Remarks


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