Programs in the Department of Political Science

Undergraduate Degree Program

Students are prepared for careers in government, business and the legal profession, and are given the tools of effective leadership. Students are also encouraged to use the B.A. as a base degree upon which they can pursue advanced degrees. Learn more about the Undergraduate Degree Program in Political Science.

Accelerated BA/MA in Political Science

This program allows outstanding undergraduates to begin the coursework for the Master of Arts in Political Science during their senior year. Students are encouraged to begin planning to enter the Accelerated B.A./M.A. program early in their undergraduate career, in consultation with the advisor in the Department of Political Science. Learn more about the Accelerated BA/MA Program in Political Science.

Graduate Degree Program

This degree provides a broad foundation in politics and government for those intending further graduate study or careers in public service, private enterprise, or education. Learn more about the Graduate Degree Program in Political Science.

JD/MA Program

Students may begin the M.A. in Political Science and then, pending separate admission, attend Law School where they may apply 16 credit hours (see below) to finish the M.A.The advantage of such a program is that credit towards degrees in these career-related disciplines can be earned simultaneously if admissions and curricula are carefully structured. Learn more about the JD/MA Program in Political Science.