Current Issue: Spring 2020

Engineering Sciences

William Cain, Allison Fetz, Gary Bowling


"The Chaplain of the New Left": Reverend Richard Moon's Community of Influence and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike
Amanda Campbell

Life and Health Sciences

Effects of Stride Length on Knee Loading in Simulated Obese Populations
Alexis Nelson


Physical and Applied Sciences

Physical Characteristics of the Nuclear Region of NGC 4388
Christian Brown
The Synthesis and Preparation of Upconverting and Downconverting Phosphors for Sensing Applications
Daniel Duong
Mars Dust Adhesion: Characterizing Adhesion Behavior of JSC Mars-1 Regolith on Aerogel Substrates
Jacob Parks
Assessing Tornado Vulnerability in Tennessee through Tornado Incidence and Societal Exposure
Jacob Seboly
A Molecular Dynamics Study of Lipid Membranes Cushioned by Polymer Brushes
Jeremy Walker


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Who Do You Belong To?: Social Sorting Between Gender and Partisan Identity Groups
Aeona Seymour

Environmental Enrichment Alters Mesolimbic Dopamine Release in Mice
Shelby Towers, Josiah Comstock, Nick Paige, Price Dickson, Deranda Lester

Communication Across Cultural Boundaries Within Memphis ESL Classrooms
Johnda Washington