Current Issue: Spring 2022

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mackenzie Love, Rachel L. Pace, Patricia A. Nalan, Deranda B. Lester

Exploring Undergraduate Biology and Chemistry Students' Understanding of Enzymes
Em Micer
Age-Dependent Effects of Social Isolation on Behaviors Related to Anxiety and Addiction in Mice
Serena J. Addison, Sophia Lemus, Deranda B. Lester



Germanic Emigrants in Memphis, 1865-1880
Sophia Rouse
Cavendish’s Queer Fancies, Scientific and Romantic, in The Blazing World and The Convent of Pleasure
Donald Young


Analysis of in-vivo macrophage polarization in response to raspberry ketone-loaded chitosan membranes for guided bone regeneration
Samantha Hall, Melika Rad, Joel D. Bumgardner
Two-Way Pepper Ghost
Ethan Costello, Ana Doblas

Phsical and Applied Sciences

Si2Te3 Dimer Orientation Structure
Justin Brutger
High-quality few-layered MoS2 thin films through plasma-enhanced CVD
Julian I Lopez
Remotely Controlled Curvature on Liquid Crystal Elastomer Networks Using Light
Andrew Johnson
Self-Induced Spatial Organization of Nanoparticles in a Polymer Brush: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Jacob Mims, Mohamed Laradji
Utilizing Silver Nanocubes to Promote F.rster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Between Cadmium Selenide and Perovskite Quantum Dots Embedded in a Polymer Layer Upon Optical Excitation
Rohith Narra