Current Issue: Spring 2021

Business and Professional Studies

Sammy Alghalibi

Effects of Changes in Student Major Choice on Faculty Salary and Department Hiring
Dakota F. Averett



"Being Human and Living": How HIV/AIDS Established a Vocal and Visible Queer Identity Within Queer Poetry Leading into the 21st Century
Rachel Layton
From Creation to Industrialization: How Sewing Machines Influenced Women in America
Avery Efaw
From Reconstructing Black Identity to Deconstructing Society: Stokely Carmichael's "Black Power" as an Early Possibility of Afro-Pessimism in Praxis and Black Rhetorical Thought
Peter Boyd


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Employment and Income Following Intimate Partner Violence: Does Mental Health Moderate Negative Economic Outcomes
Jacob Burkley
The Rise of Live Streaming: Exploring the Ways in Which We Cultivate Relationships Online vs. Offline
Clarisse de Jesus