Will you accept late submissions?

If we can, yes. Although we try to be flexible regarding submissions, the deadline is calculated by factoring in the review process and publication date. If we are not able to consider a later submission for the upcoming issue, we will retain it for consideration in next year's issue.

Who will review my paper?

Reviewers are faculty and administration at The University of Memphis. The editorial staff painstakingly selects reviewers who are knowledgeable about the topics your paper investigates.

I have a student from last semester who has graduated, but wrote a great paper. Can they still submit that paper?

Yes, provided the student is committed to the revision process. Undergraduates are eligible to submit for one calendar year after graduating.

How often is the journal published?

Quaesitum is published once per year at the end of the spring semester.

How do I get a copy?

If you would like a copy of Quaesitum request a copy by emailing us at quaesitum@memphis.edu.

Does my paper have to be less than 8000 words?

The 8000 word count is a suggestion rather than a restriction. Typical article length differs greatly across disciplines. Most articles in Quaesitum fall somewhere within the range of 4000 to 8000 words.