Customized Workforce and Professional Development

The options below represent the customizable professional development opportunities available to companies. Pricing varies based on the development costs. To see previously developed courses, visit fedex.memphis.edu/training.


Customized Certificate Training:

The certificate training option is conducted by the FedEx Institute of Technology and can use faculty and instructors from anywhere in the country, including both academia and industry, to deliver customized training in key areas. This is the fastest development and delivery option and can be rolled out around targeted job skills in as little as 6-8 weeks. It can incorporate components from benchmark programs and industry standards that may be desired immediately. The audience can be comprised of students from any university and professionals.

Third Party Service and Support Provider:

Using the UMRF Ventures model, the University of Memphis can develop a third-party service and support company that employs UofM students to provide deliverables around specific workforce needs. This would require an initial investment and close partnership with the company for which we are providing the service. We can expect a 6-12 month standup time, but once stood up, this investment would provide immediate ROI as well as a workforce pipeline trained in the systems implemented  by your company.

Corporate Sponsored Master's or Undergraduate Degree Program:

Currently deployed in the business school as a CDMBA, this model allows companies to develop industry-centered graduate students who are already under contract upon graduation. A degree similar to the CDMBA could be established in an industry of value to your company. Companies that utilize this program can select the students they would fund, and the funding agreement gives the company the exclusive right to hire those students upon graduation, should they chose to do so. This helps secure the talent pipeline but does require a longer time period for payoff.

Cultivation of a Workforce Community

There is value in cultivating a professional development community by providing opportunities for a general audience. By providing opportunities for exposure to the skillsets you require, we can cultivate a community and help identify talent both locally and nationally. Opportunities like hackathons and prize-based challenges require relatively little overhead and can attract national-level talent to the city, building the profile of Memphis as a national destination for your industry.

Graduate Certificates

The University offers graduate certificates for anyone who has earned at least an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Graduate certificates are 3-5 course sequences in a targeted area and can be a combination of existing and newly developed courses. Taking two courses a semester, a student can complete a graduate certificate within 12 months or less. This could be paired with either full-time employment at your company, our third-party service and support model, or independent of employment opportunities

Contact us to learn how you can leverage the options above or discuss other ideas for engagement.