Setting up your Internet Ready Device

The University of Memphis network now supports all types of gaming systems and should automatically connect to the Internet. If your device does not connect automatically, please fill out manual registration form (Game Console and Internet Ready Device Application Form) using the link below.

Please be advised that Routers of any kind, wireless or otherwise, are not allow to be installed in the Residence Halls at the University of Memphis. All Residence Halls have wireless access supplied by Network Services = SSID "um" or "um-guest". Installation of these devices can cause problems on the network of the building. Attempting to plug a router into an Ethernet port can cause the port to automatically disable in defense of intrusion. Therefore, the port will not deliver Internet access until reset by Network Services.

Network Services advises that the UM networks don’t work together with software like FitBit Versa and other software like Google Home.

Please read and comply with Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.