About the Division

In Memphis and throughout the Mid-South this university is committed, through its student-focused educational programs, our faculty's endeavors in research and creative activities, our partnerships with the corporate community, local, regional and federal governments, foundations and citizens groups, to serve and benefit our region, our nation and our world.

The Division of Research and Innovation includes the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Office of Technology Transfer, the Integrated Microscopy Center, Environmental Health and Safety and the university's Animal Care operation. On our associated web pages you will find a broad range of services for faculty research and the arts; from our development officers supporting faculty project generation from the initial idea, through the building of collaborative research teams, all the way to proposal submission and project initiation and conduct. We are also responsible for faculty incentive programs, seed funding for research, research policy on campus, the responsible conduct of research and the broad array of compliance requirements we now face.

We engage in regular strategic planning with our faculty, department chairs, deans, provost and president to make sure that our research directions are consistent with our university's strengths, the priorities of our region and current national research priorities. We strive to align our investments in research with those priorities. Those investments also focus on the development of strong, interdisciplinary research groups and the support systems that our scientists must have to succeed in today's complex and competitive research environment. Finally, in our Office of Technology Transfer, we enable faculty to identify the potential commercial value of their research products, and where appropriate, to bring those products to the marketplace.