About the Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism


The CSLV, launched in the Summer of 2019, empowers faculty and students to experience the power of combining academic course outcomes, volunteerism, and field experiences in collaboration with community partners.

What is service learning? It is a philosophical orientation to teaching and learning, which encompasses content, individual learning styles, and volunteerism to create active citizens and global leaders. Each service learning implementation option within an academic course must reflect the academic outcomes of each discipline.

The CSLV's purpose is to serve as liaison between faculty, students, and community agencies. We offer support, resources, and placement opportunities to enable students to experience a culture of learning in a real-world setting, in addition to their University classrooms. During these learning experiences, there is a focus on civic engagement and social responsibility. This ultimately ensures reciprocity, as all participants (students, faculty, and community partners) benefit from each other.

We also offer development to faculty interested in the integration of service learning experiences through the Engaged Scholarship Network, along with ongoing instructional and mentoring support for the university community.