Committees and Representation

We are now accepting nominations for the 2021-22 Staff Senate Executive Committee. The election is this summer and the term is for one year. You must have at least one year remaining of your term as a Staff Senate representative.

Open Positions

Duties: Serving as an advocate for the welfare of all Staff members. Presiding at all Senate and Executive Committee meetings. Serving as the official spokesperson for the Senate. Serving as the liaison to the University President.

Vice President
Duties: Presiding in the absence of, or at the request of, the Senate President and assuming the President’s duties in his or her absence. Acting as Financial Officer and have signature authority for financial transactions.

Duties: Serving as Secretary of each Senate meeting, recording and distributing minutes to the representatives. Send a reminder email and meeting agenda. Maintaining all Senate and Executive Committee files and records.

Membership Coordinator
Duties: Assist the Secretary with disseminating the minutes, information, and agendas. Accept agenda items from the Senate representatives. Maintaining a roster of eligible members. Providing membership information to the Election Committee.

Public Relations Coordinator
Duties: Coordinating the Senate’s involvement in the annual Food Bank Drive. Coordinating the Senate’s involvement in the annual Staff Appreciation Day.

Website Coordinator
Duties: Supervising maintenance and regularly updating of the Senate web site. Ensuring that only correct information authorized by the Senate is placed on the Senate web site. Serve as the Senate Historian.

If you are interested in running, please sign up below.

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Executive Committee 2020-2021

President - Zaneta Ivy
Vice President  - Chris Bourque
Secretary - Shareese Woods Hicks
Public Relations Coordinator - J.R. Casey
Membership Coordinator - Kathy Walker
Website Coordinator - Tracy Shipp

Staff Senate Committees

Bylaws Committee

  • Kate Sims - Chair
  • Teniesha Anderson
  • Vickie Peters
  • Amanda Rodino

Election Committee

  • Teniesha Anderson - Chair
  • Lakesha Herring

Issues Review Committee

  • Ashley Rose - Chair
  • Jessica Abernathy
  • Steven Booth
  • Rob Thorton
  • Amy Wilson

Legislative Advisory Committee

  • Meghan Cullan - Chair
  • Steven Booth
  • LaKeshia Jones
  • Angela Kuykendoll
  • Amanda Rodino

Public Relations Committee

  • J.R. Casey - Chair
  • Kara Keen - Co-Chair
  • Tiffany Elliot
  • Tiffany Jordan

Wage and Benefits Issues Committee

  • Kara Bowen - Chair
  • Meghan Cullen
  • Robynn Hopkins
  • Larry Reynolds
  • Amy WIlson