Grant Support

Mary Earheart Brown serves at the Pre-Award Coordinator for SUAPP. Her roles include identifying grants that match SUAPP faculty interests and assisting with grants administration (preparing budgets, supplemental grant documentation, proposal editing and Cayuse requirements). She also facilitates collaborations among faculty, within SUAPP and across campus, to obtain external funding and offers faculty trainings. Mary can be reached via email at mrhrtbrw@memphis.edu or telephone (901) 678-4291. 

Mary offers several trainings throughout the year, including:

  • Grants Bootcamp for new and junior faculty: The training covers finding funding, UM requirements for proposals (Cayuse, budgets, compliance), proposal management and the grants life cycle;
  • Pre-Award workshops on completing Cayuse SP and 424 forms, developing budgets, and management, expectations and timelines for grant applications, contracts and subcontracts; and       
  • Other trainings as requested by faculty.

Useful Grants Information

Funding Bulletins
Quarterly funding bulletins provide information on grant opportunities and deadlines and updates on University guidelines and grants related support.
Grants Bulletin - August 2020
Grants Bulletin – May 2020 
Grants Bulletin – December 2019
Grants Bulletin – Fall 2019
Grants Bulletin - Summer 2019
Grants Bulletin - March 2019
Grants Bulletin - December 2018
Grants Bulletin - September 2018
Grants Bulletin - June 2018
Grants Bulletin - May 2018

Cayuse SP and Budget Guidelines
The University uses Cayuse SP for tracking, approving and routing grants and contracts. The Cayuse SP Quick Reference Card is available here.

A Cayuse SP record MUST be created, completed, and submitted for internal routing BEFORE a grant or contract proposal is submitted to a funder or collaborator (for a subaward).

Please set up a Cayuse SP record as soon as you begin your proposal (grant application, or contract) process. (You as PI can do this, or Mary can do this as Pre-Award Coordinator - just let her know if she can help). If your plans change, the record can be suspended or deleted.

Serving as co-investigator with a PI outside of SUAPP? Ask them to add the SUAPP Pre-Award Coordinator as a Proposal Editor in Cayuse. 

Cayuse SP records should be fully routed with all approvals at least five (5) business days  prior to a grant or contract submission deadline.

The following documents are needed prior to completing a simple Cayuse SP record without subrecipients.

  • Copy of RFP or contract agreement/terms
  • UofM internal budget (on the provided spreadsheet, the Pre-Award Coordinator can help you with this)
  • Budget narrative
  • Abstract (even in draft form)
  • For a grant application: A near final draft of the project narrative
  • For a subaward or contract: A scope of work (one page will usually suffice)
  • A signed FCOI Responsible Personnel Form

Funding Related Guidance and Templates
Statement/Scope of Work
Budget Narrative
Internal Budget
Incoming Award Checklist
Subrecipient vs Contractor Determination Form

Funding Presentations

Fulbright Scholar Program Opportunities