SUAPP is home to four research centers, promotes interdisciplinary research, engaged scholarship, and the pursuit of externally funded research and program activities. 

Individual faculty research interests and expertise, include:

  • Social and Economic Disparities
    • Poverty and social/behavior indicators
    • Women's empowerment
    • At-risk and marginalized populations
    • Transportation equity
  • Non-Profit, Philanthropic, and Public Sector Capacity Building
    • Nonprofit capacity, infrastructure and asset mapping
    • Career development, nonprofit leadership and management
    • Competition among non-profits, new and old forms of giving
    • Government funding, pensions and employee benefits
    • Homelessness and affordable housing
    • Human capital development
  • Physical Development and the Environment
    • Community-based and environmental planning (e.g., transportation and water safety)
    • Planning for Memphis policies (e.g., urban (re)development)
    • Community mapping (e.g., blight and urban sprawl)
  • Safety, Policing, and Criminal Justice
    • Crime prevention programs, policing strategies and policies
    • Delinquency and the criminal justice system
    • Domestic violence
    • Reentry initiatives and recidivism
  • Family and Youth Adverse Experiences
    • Adverse childhood experiences and child welfare
    • Technological and clinical programming for children and families
    • Suicide prevention and mental health
  • Health Service Gaps, Access and Policy
    • Health equity for vulnerable and at-risk populations
    • Mobile health facilities for community access