SUAPP is home to four research centers, promotes interdisciplinary research, engaged scholarship, and the pursuit of externally funded research and program activities. Our current interdisciplinary teams include:

UM Poverty Research Collaborative
Convener: Dr. Elena Delavega (Social Work)
Collaborators: Dr. Debra Bartelli (Public Health), Dr. Bert Burraston (Criminology & Criminal Justice), Dr. Amy Campbell (Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law), Dr. Ty Dooley (Public & Nonprofit Administration), Prof. Demetria Frank (Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law), Dr. Andrew Guthrie (City & Regional Planning), Dr. Melissa Hirschi (Social Work), Dr. Danielle Vance-McMullen (Public & Nonprofit Administration), Dr. Sharon Wrobel (Public & Nonprofit Administration)

Health Spaces, Technologies and Research Community
Convener: Dr. Seokwon Jin (Social Work)
Collaborators: Dr. Joy Goldsmith (Communication & Film), Dr. Sachiko Terui (Communication & Film), Dr. Sohye Lee (Nursing), Dr. Andrew Tawfik (Instructional Design & Leadership), Ms. Lindsey Grant (Public Health), Ms. Diane Jalfon (Memphis Library Foundation)

HIV Disparities in Vulnerable Populations living in the Mid-South
Convener: Dr. Robin Lennon-Dearing (Social Work)
Collaborators: Dr. Melissa Hirschi (Social Work), Dr. Laura Marks (Counseling Psychology), Dr. Matthew Thomann (Medical Anthropology), Dr. Brad Harrell (Nursing), Dr. Haley Zettler (Criminology & Criminal Justice), Dr. Kenneth Ward (Public Health), Dr. Latrice Pichon (Public Health), Dr. Debra Bartelli (Public Health), Dr. Leah Windsor (Institute for Intelligent Systems)

Nonprofit Infrastructure Mapping Initiative
Convener: Dr. Erin Nelson (Public and Nonprofit Administration)
Collaborators: Dr. Bonny Banerjee (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering), Kevin Dean (Momentum Nonprofit Partners, Dr. Melissa Hirschi (Social Work), Dr. Esra Ozdenerol (Earth Sciences), Dr. Nathan Ron-Ferguson (CAESER), Kevin Sanders, DMA (Music), Danielle Vance-McMullen, PhD (Public and Nonprofit Administration), Sharon Wrobel, PhD (Public and Nonprofit Administration, Todd Zoblotsky, EdD (Center for Research in Educational Policy

Transportation Data Research Collaborative
Convener: Dr. Andrew Guthrie (City and Regional Planning)
Collaborators: Dr. Bonny Banerjee (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Jessica Buttermore (University of Memphis Design Collaborative), Dr. Jae Teuk Chin (City and Regional Planning), Dr. Stephanie Ivey (Department of Civil Engineering), Andy Kitsinger (University of Memphis Design Collaborative), Dr. Sabya Mishra (Department of Civil Engineering), Dr. Esra Ozdenerol (Earth Sciences), Dr. Charlie Santo (City and Regional Planning), Dr. Yong Yang, (School of Public Health)

SMART Cities Research Cluster
Conveners: Charlie Santo (City and Regional Planning) & Sabya Mishra (Civil Engineering)

Smart City Innovation Hub
Collaborators: Charlie Santo (City and Regional Planning), Sabya Mishra (Civil Engineering), Mike Gkolias (Civil Engineering), Eddie Jacobs (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Lan Wang (Computer Science), Carmen Astorne-Figari (Economics)

CoPED (Community Planning and Ecological Design) Action Research Summer School
Collaborators: Katherine Lambert-Pennington (SUAPP/Anthropology), Laura Saija (University of Catania), Antonio Raciti (UMass Boston)

Individual faculty research interests and expertise, include:

  • Social and Economic Disparities
    • Poverty and social/behavior indicators
    • Women's empowerment
    • At-risk and marginalized populations
    • Transportation equity
  • Non-Profit, Philanthropic, and Public Sector Capacity Building
    • Nonprofit capacity, infrastructure and asset mapping
    • Career development, nonprofit leadership and management
    • Competition among non-profits, new and old forms of giving
    • Government funding, pensions and employee benefits
    • Homelessness and affordable housing
    • Human capital development
  • Physical Development and the Environment
    • Community-based and environmental planning (e.g., transportation and water safety)
    • Planning for Memphis policies (e.g., urban (re)development)
    • Community mapping (e.g., blight and urban sprawl)
  • Safety, Policing, and Criminal Justice
    • Crime prevention programs, policing strategies and policies
    • Delinquency and the criminal justice system
    • Domestic violence
    • Reentry initiatives and recidivism
  • Family and Youth Adverse Experiences
    • Adverse childhood experiences and child welfare
    • Technological and clinical programming for children and families
    • Suicide prevention and mental health
  • Health Service Gaps, Access and Policy
    • Health equity for vulnerable and at-risk populations
    • Mobile health facilities for community acces