Success Stories

Congratulations to the SUAPP CoRS Recipients!

HIV Disparities in Vulnerable Populations living in the Mid-South

This community of academics will engage in joint scholarship to share ideas and strategies for researching vulnerable populations with HIV or those at-risk for HIV. Faculty associated with this team are particularly interested in identifying entry points in the community for reaching individuals with HIV and those at-risk for HIV. They also aim to develop culturally sensitive instruments, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques that meaningfully address research questions.

Team Members:
Convener: Dr. Robin Lennon-Dearing (Social Work)
Dr. Melissa Hirschi (Social Work)
Dr. Laura Marks (Counseling Psychology)
Dr. Matthew Thomann (Medical Anthropology)
Dr. Brad Harrell (Nursing)
Dr. Haley Zettler (Criminology & Criminal Justice)
Dr. Kenneth Ward (Public Health)
Dr. Latrice Pichon (Public Health)
Dr. Debra Bartelli (Public Health)
Dr. Leah Windsor (Institute for Intelligent Systems)

Health Spaces, Technologies and Research Community

The HSTRC aims to build capacity to conduct research focused on reducing health disparities among underserved populations in Memphis, TN. This CoRS effort will explore interdisciplinary research approaches to understand obesity-related risks and prevention behaviors that positively impact the management of chronic health conditions.

Team Members:
Convener: Dr. Seokwon Jin (Social Work)
Dr. Joy Goldsmith (Communication & Film)
Dr. Sachiko Terui (Communication & Film)
Dr. Sohye Lee (Nursing)
Dr. Andrew Tawfik (Instructional Design & Leadership)
Ms. Lindsey Grant (Public Health)
Ms. Diane Jalfon (Memphis Library Foundation)

UM Poverty Research Collaborative

The UM Poverty Research Collaborative represents an interdisciplinary collaboration dedicated to actively addressing the multifaceted ways poverty affects different communities throughout the world. The team plans to create an incubator for innovative ideas and the development of a research agenda that focuses on poverty and space, while mapping mobility to public spaces; environmental issues; poverty and crime; poverty and education; and transportation.

Team Members:
Convener: Dr. Elena Delavega (Social Work)
Dr. Debra Bartelli (Public Health)
Dr. Bert Burraston (Criminology & Criminal Justice)
Dr. Amy Campbell (Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law)
Dr. Ty Dooley (Public & Nonprofit Administration)
Prof. Demetria Frank (Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law)
Dr. Andrew Guthrie (City & Regional Planning)
Dr. Melissa Hirschi (Social Work)
Dr. Danielle Vance-McMullen (Public & Nonprofit Administration)
Dr. Sharon Wrobel (Public & Nonprofit Administration)

Other Awards

Dr. Susan ElswickCongratulations to Dr. Susan Elswick (Social Work). Dr. Elswick has received funding to evaluate a SAMHSA grant awarded to the TN Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.The evaluation (9/18 to 9/22) will assess Community Programs for Outreach and Intervention with Youth and Young Adults at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis. Other SUAPP faculty associated with this subaward include Dr. Susan Neely-Barnes and Dr. Elena Delavega from Social Work.


Dr. Angela MaddenCongratulations to Dr. Angela Madden (Public Safety Institute). Dr. Madden has received funds to evaluate an Innovative Prosecution Opioid Grant awarded to Shelby County District Attorney General's Office. Other SUAPP faculty associated with this subaward include Dr. Shelley Keith and Dr. James McCutcheon.



Dr. Sheri Jenkins KeenanDr. Sheri Jenkins Keenan, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice and research coordinator for the Center for Community Criminology, was awarded $28,000 from the State of Tennessee for her project "Protecting Children of Arrested Parents: Using a Trauma Informed Approach."