Knock out some courses this summer.

The University of Memphis offers undergraduate and graduate courses in ten colleges and professional schools and more than 30 departments. Study the Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Business, Law, or Education. Continue making progress in your degree program by taking online courses anywhere you have a high-speed Internet connection and a home or laptop computer. The UofM reviewed its summer course offerings to ensure that the classes in the highest demand are among those offered during the summer. The summer offerings also are intended to align with degree-pathway initiatives to create faster, clearer paths to degree completion within four years.

COVID-19 Related Updates: All Summer 2020 Classes are Online

Please note that all Summer 2020 classes will be offered online. All Summer 2020 sections displayed in the course schedule are to be offered as online to include sections M, R, 410, 001, etc.
Summer 2020 sections formerly scheduled to be held on-ground have the location WEB to indicate the new web delivery. Some elements of your online classes may still take place remotely but during the class time listed in the schedule. There are no changes to the display for M50s and other regular online sections. UofM Global students can register for all Summer 2020 sections since all sections are offered online.
The University is providing direct grants to all students enrolled in summer online courses for the amount of the online fees they would have been charged. The $50 per student credit hour translates up to $150 per three credit hours, or up to $300 per six credit hours or two classes.
Registration opens April 6 for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 registration. Please note that no decision has been made yet concerning moving all Fall 2020 sections online. More information to follow.
For questions about the Summer 2020 schedule, contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@memphis.edu.
For questions about Summer 2020 fees, contact University and Student Business Services at usbs@memphis.edu.
For Summer Financial Aid information, visit memphis.edu/financialaid/summer.php .

First Time Students

If you are first time student, you will need to fill out an Admissions Application. Check the box that says "non degree student" if you are here for summer school only. If you have not previously applied to the UofM, you will also need to submit an application fee ($25 for domestic students, $50 for international students). To complete this, you will need a credit card and an email address. Please note that students attending on a non-degree status are not eligible for financial aid. Students from other universities who are only taking summer classes at the University of Memphis do not need to submit a transcript or other academic credentials to apply as non-degree seeking student.

Summer 3+3 Scholarship

We are expanding the 3+3 program for all Freshmen and Sophomores in Good Academic Standing who take at least three eligible credit hours during summer 2020. We will provide a scholarship to cover the tuition (university service fees excluded) for up to three credit hours of the second enrolled course. The initiative is designed to help students reach the goal of graduation within four years. (Please note: Students must be eligible for federal student aid. TN eCampus courses are excluded from the free offer.)

Learn more about the scholarship >

Junior and Senior Summer Grant 

For our upper class student populations (Juniors and Seniors), we are offering a $500 grant to assist Juniors and Seniors in Good Academic Standing with their costs when enrolled for two classes in the summer 2020 semester. The additional direct grant will be on top of the grant that students will receive to cover the online course fees. For a student taking two classes (six credit hours) this will result in a total grant amount of $800. (Please note: Students must be eligible for federal student aid. TN eCampus courses are excluded from the free offer.)

Summer 2020 - Federal Pell Grant Recipients

Federal Pell Grant recipients who have not yet reached their lifetime eligibility (6 full-time years) and who have already received 100% of their scheduled yearly award may be eligible for additional summer Pell Grant if enrolled in at least half-time status during the summer term(s). This means that if you enroll in 3 credit hours for summer I and another 3 hours for summer II, then you must commit to both classes. Dropping from your summer II course before the start of the term will make you ineligible and will require our office to cancel ALL your summer aid.