Summer Classes

Visiting Students

The University of Memphis (UofM) offers undergraduate, graduate, and law courses through more than 40 academic departments. 

Summer Offerings

Find out what's being offered. If you have not yet been accepted for admission and received information on establishing your Username and Password for the myMemphis portal, use the Class Schedule Search. If you have established your Username and Password, login to the myMemphis portal and use the Look Up Classes feature.

Dates, Deadlines, and Sessions

Refer to the Summer 2022 Dates & Deadlines calendar for class meeting and other important dates.

Our Summer term consists of several "parts of term." Visit Parts of Term to understand the differences.

Transfer Credit

If you're taking a course for your own personal interest or benefit, then this step is not a great consideration for you. However, if you're taking a course to apply toward your degree, check with your university to see if it will accept the UofM course as the equivalent of one of its own. It's up to your university, not UofM, to determine if our course will satisfy your degree requirements.

Our Undergraduate and Graduate course descriptions can be found online. If your university wants to see a course syllabus, you will have to contact the instructor or the department offering the course.


Since you are not pursuing a degree here, apply for admission as Non-Degree Seeking. This means that, once admitted, you will not have to be advised by a UofM advisor. However, it also means that you cannot actually register until April 13, 2022.

Your Transcript from Your Home Institution

As a visiting student, you aren't required to send us a copy of your transcript when you apply. However, any course you want to take here may require proof of your having met course prerequisites at your home university. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you send a copy of your transcript, even unofficial, to our Admissions Office when you apply.


Register for classes through the myMemphis portal. Refer to this Registration Quick Guide once you have been admitted and have established your portal Password (instructions will be mailed to you by Admissions).

Fees and Fee Payment

Visit the University & Student Business Services website for information on fees, payment deadlines, and methods of payment.

Transferring Credit to Your Home Institution

To transfer your credit home, request an official UofM transcript. (You do not have to wait until the end of Summer to do this: submit your request early and indicate that you want the transcript sent once Summer grades are official.)