Lest We Forget: Black Memphis History Through Dance/Theatre



Inspirational History


Live Performances: October 17-18 and 24-25  |  2 PM and 2:30 PM

Join us on a journey through space and time as we explore 120 years of Black Memphis history through a series of site-specific, on-campus, outdoor performances. These pieces will also be filmed and made permanently accessible at the sites via a QR code, enabling anyone to experience them at any time, and ensuring that we will never forget.

You will be able to access videos of each dance below and also on QR codes at each location around campus.

Memphis Massacre 1866 (Prayer, Discord, Meditation)
Choreographer: Wayne M. Smith in collaboration iwth the dancers
Dancers: Taylor Jackson, Abbie Martin, Takia Miller and Summer Rowe
Music (composer): Music & sound collage including artists Xumantra, Art of Noise, Ryuichi Sakamoto, The Fink, Michael Wall
Location: Amphitheater in between the Theatre Building and the Music Building


America the Beautiful, A Tribute to the Activism of Ida B. Wells
Director: Jamie Warrow
Cast: Ida B. Wells: Ashley Clinton
             Voice of Ida B. Wells: Madisen White
Location: Muted bells statue outside of CFA

Wait for 3 (or me!)
Choreographer: Rachael Arnwine, in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Taylor Jackson, Takia Miller and Ivy Wetherill
Musical Arranger of W.C. Handy's Work: Jacob Loreant
Alto Sax: Becca Tank
Tenor Sax: Franko Coleman
Location: Outside the library (to the right of Dunavant Plaza)



Memphis State Eight: I Am Because of You
Choreographer: Michael Medcalf and the dancers
Dancers: Lauryn Adair, Anniken (Nike) Farmer, Levarious Goods, Pershon Harper, Victree Hayes and Charlye Murrell
Other Voices: Simmery Branch (BFA '19), Blake Currie (BFA '19), Jada Farmer, Jatavius Haynes, Tony Horne (MFA '99), Akia Miller (BFA '18) and Tekay King
Music: Michael Wall
Text: Dancers in the Cast
Location: Front of the Administration Building


Sanitation Strike
Choreographer: Jorge Guaman
Dancers: Catherine Barkley, Connor Chaparro, Pershon Harper, Tiffany Jones,
Aiyanna LaRue, Charlye Murrell and Kennedy Reed
Location: Outside Mitchel Hall

Panel of American Women - Fanning Flames, Forging Futures
Choreographer: Jill Guyton Nee and Dancers
Dancers: Catherine Barkley, Grace Byrd, Tiffany Goddard and Aiyanna LaRue
Sound Score: Jill Guyton Nee
Location: Pedestrian Bridge


Memphis Committee
Director: Moises Hinojos
Onstage Cast: Bryce Horton and Jordan Cardell
Other Voices: Elaina Andress, Emily Barron, Elijah Bienz, Eboni Cain, Avery Hall, Pershon Harper, Camille Long, Lauren Matthews, Bennett McCluskey, Lane Pippen, Josh Rolston, Joshua Waits and Zee Wright
Location: Scates Hall


Frances Said - Honoring the Life, Work and Words of Frances Dancy Hooks
Choreographer: Kristen Osborne Lucas and dancers
Dancers: Lauryn Adair, Anniken (Nike) Farmer, Victree hayes, Taylor Jackson, Abbie Martin, Takia Miller, Summer Rowe and Ivy Wetherill
Other Voices: Simmery Branch (BFA '19), Jada Farmer and Akia Miller (BFA 18)
Music: Lift Every Voice and Sing - performed by Madisen White
Location: North corridor of McWherter Library