Carnival Vitas: Dance of the Animals

In Collaboration with Off The Walls Arts
 October 1 at 10 AM and 2 PM


Join us for a larger than life, dancing puppet extravaganza, children’s show directed by Neile Martin! 

The cosmic creation snake is traveling across the universe to Earth for one day to bring a magical gift. All the amazing animals are coming together to celebrate her arrival. Lions and meerkats will prance, giraffes and hippos will tango, and birds will soar in this new work created for the University of Memphis Department of Theatre & Dance in collaboration with Off the Walls Arts and Memphis artist Yvonne Bobo.

Neile Martin, Director/Author 
Jill Guyton Nee, Producer 
Michael Medcalf, Choreographer 
Kristen Lucas, Choreographer 
Wayne Smith, Choreographer 
Rachael Arnwine, Choreographer 
Tamara Prince-Parris, Choreographer 
Marrissa Cherry, Costume Design 
Micki McCormick, Sound Design 
Matthew Russell, Lighting Design 

Josh Williams, Production Electrician 
Zoe Perrock, Scenic Design 
Jennifer Gillette, Costume Advisor 
Anthony Pellecchia, Sound/Lighting Advisor 
Mike O’Nele, Technical Director 
Rick Mayfield, Technical Director 2 
Amy Hale, Production Manager 
Akilah Suggs, Stage Manager 
Emma Day, Asst. Stage Manager 
Hallie Phillips, Asst. Stage Manager 

Caelan Ingram, Asst. Costume Designer                   

Lauryn Adair 
Mykayla Balfour 
Jolie Berry 
Grace Byrd 
Rhaniyah Chism 
Kylie Davis 
Holly Ferguson 
Elyzah Gasmen 
Melody Green 
Ily Jeanniton 
Jasmine Johnson 
Jewell Kirksey 
Ella Lark 
Abbie Martin 
Kaylin Martin 
Kamille Moore 
Kennedy Reed 
Daniel Rickman 
Haylee White