Emerge: New Student Dance Works 

March 24 – 25 at 7:30 & March 25 at 2PM 


Our annual showcase of exciting new dance works by UofM dance program student choreographers.  These new, bold, exciting, thought-provoking, and beautiful dance works are set on dance program students and other U of M students from across campus. This performance is executed in collaboration with Theatre & Dance department student designers from the costume, lighting, sound, and technical areas.  Join us for this highly anticipated once a year dance presentation!

Stage Manager: Andrew Christenson
House Manager: Smith McWaters
Stage Crew: Melody Green, Erin McKee and Isabella Osborne Wardrobe: Anna Hefner and Charis Peters
Sound Board Operator: Haylee White
Light Board Operator: Sam Martin
Technical Director: Rick Mayfield
Production Manager/ Stage Manager Mentor: Amy Salerno Hale
Producer: Michael Medcalf

Choreographer: Melody Green    
Dancers: Macy Jolie Berry, Hannah Smith, Elyzah Gasmen and Kaylin Martin 
Music: "Hideaway-Julien Marchal remix" by Robot Koch,  Savannah Jo Lack, Julien Marchal;  "Corner Dance" by Travis Lake; "Body-Ambient" by RY X
Costume Designer - Marrissa Cherry
Lighting Designer - Tevin Deion Maloone    

Fake Art 
Choreographer: Kennedy McCaskill
Dancers: Elyzah Gasmen, Erin McKee, Grace Odom, October  Summerfield,
Olivia Hartman, Ash Kelton and Chloe Stanley
Music: Fake Art by Ian McCaskill, Hideaway by Julien Marchal
Costume Designer: Michael Meitzler
Lighting Designer: Josh Williams
Sound Designer: Ian McCaskill    

Choreographer: Lauryn Adair    
Dancers: Macy Jolie Berry and Olivia Hartman
Music - “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
Costume Designer - Sphinx Curtis Lighting Designer - Burce Morgan   
Warning: This piece contains strobe lighting    
Heavenly Bodies 
Choreographer: Abbie Martin    
Dancers: Imajin Lias, Kaylin Martin, Ilana Randle, Elyzah Gasmen, Allison Odom, Jara Jawneh and Kylie Davis Music - “Heavenly Bodies” by Douglas Dare and  “Amen” by Amber Run and London Contemporary Voices Costume Designer - Sphinx Curtis and Michael Meitzler 
Lighting Designer - Josh Williams  

Pas Beaucoup 
Pas Beaucoup (2016)
Choreographer: Jill Guyton Nee
Performer: Kennedy McCaskill
Music: The Books, Mozart
Costume Design: Jill Guyton Nee
Lighting Design: Josh Williams
Choreographer Note: This work was commissioned by University of Florida. Originally choreographed in 2016, Pas Beaucoup imaginatively visits inside the mind of a young Marie Antoinette at the time in which she becomes queen. In the solo, the character represents a single moment in time in which a multitude of thoughts flood her brain: the ups and downs of court; navigating the manipulation of men; and balancing the rigidity of the French Crown’s expectations with the prodding encouragement to lavishly spend money. 

Dear Me,
Choreographer: Kylie Davis
Dancers: Courtland Robinson, Haylee White, Imajin Lias, Isabella Osborne 
Music: Waves by Teeks and spoken word from dancers
Costume Designer: Zyunia Palmer
Lighting Designer: Bruce Moran
Sound Designer: Anthony Pellecchia

Back in the Day 
Choreographer: Mykayla Balfour 
Dancers: Jara Jawneh, Ilana Randle, Olivia Hartman, Kylie Davis,  Chloe Stanley, Massai Twitty, and Haylee White 
Music: Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliot, Knuck If You Buck by Crime Mob,  Walk It Out by Unk, and Say I Yi Yi by Ying Yang Twins
Costume Designer: Mykayla Balfour 
Lighting Designer: Bruce 
Sound Designer: Mykayla Balfour 
WARNING: Explicit Lyrics and Flashing Lights * Don’t be afraid to cheer for what you like.