Fall 1980 – Spring 1990

1989 – 1990 Season

Lydie Breeze
By: John Guare

Director: Stephen Hancock
Scenic Design: Michael J. Dempsey
Lighting/Sound Designer: John J. McFadden Jr.
Technical Direction: John R. Burgess
Costume Design: Douglas Koertge/ Mai-Estelle Collins
Stage Manager: Kelly D. Lavigne

Lydie Hickman: Cindy Greene
Beaty: Patricia Wend
Gussie Hickman: Laurne Bone
Joshua Hickman: Roger Eaves
Jude Emerson: David Atkins
Jeremiah Grady: Jeff Godsey
Lucian Rock: Tomas Morrell

Hamlet Deconstructed:
By: C. Robin Miller

Director: C. Robin Miller
Scenic Design: Gail D. Wood
Lighting Design: Andrea C. Hoffman
Technical Direction: John R. Burgess
Costume Design: Angela Seymour
Sound Design: Thomas Kirby
Stage Management: Beth Early

Jerre Dye
Art Oden
Tatia Johnson
Jenny Odle
Pamela PoleKen Mason
Jay Phillips
Ken Mason

By: Samuel Beckett

Director: Gloria Baxter
Scenic and Costume Coordination: Michael J. Dempsey
Lighting Design: Angela Seymour
Technical Director: Peter Bathum
Sound Design: John J. McFadden Jr.
Stage Management: Jamie Mann

Hamm-Stephen Huff
Clov- David Goss
Nagg- John Fulghum
Nell- Alice Rainey

Agnes Of God
By: John Pielmeier

Director: Anne-Marie Caske
Scenic Design: Michael J. Dempsey
Lighting Design: Thomas Kirby
Technical Director: John R. Burgess
Costume Design: Maurice Halfhide
Stage Manager: Beth Early

Agnes: Tatia Joyce Johnson
Doctor Livingstone: Kelly Lavigne
Mother Superior: Pamela Poletti

By: William Shakespeare

Director: Kenneth McCulough
Asst. Director: Anita Jo Lenhart
Scenic Designer: Michael J. Dempsey
Lighting/ Sound Design: John J. McFadden Jr.
Technical Director: John. R. Burgess
Costume Designer: Angela Seymour
Stage Manager: Paige Tufford-Proctor

Duncan, The King-: Stephen Hancock
Malcolm, his son: Ken Mason
Donalbain, his younger son: Thomas Morrell
Macbeth: Stephen Huff
Lady Macbeth: Lauren Bone
Banquo: Jerre Dye
Fleance, his son: Billy Chamberlin
Macduff: Michael Donahue
Lady Macduff: Jenny Odle
Macduff's Son: Juliet Waller
Lennox: Richard McKean
Ross: John Fulghum
Angus: Jay Phillips
Caithness: Jamie Mann
Siward: Geoffery Wood
Young Siward, his son: Art Oden
Seyton: Tomas Morrell
Doctor: Michael Dugan
Nurse: Alice Rainey
Bleeding Captain: Art Oden
Porter: Geoffery Wood
Old Man: Donald Fann
First Murderer: Art Oden
Second Murderer: Daryl Thomas
Indian Messenger: Donald Funn
Macbeth's Indian Servant: Brian Helm
Lady Macbeth's Indian: Heather Vaughn

The Wake Of Jamey Foster
By: Beth Henley

Director: Joanna Helming
Scenic Designer: Gail D Wood
Costume Designer: Don Yanik
Lighting Designer: Deborah Carder
Technical Director: John R. Burgess
Sound Designer: John J. McFadden Jr.
Stage Management: Kristal Coleman

Marshael Foster, Jamey's widow: Kelly Lavigne
Leon Darnell, Marshall's brother: Jerre Dye
Katty Foster, Wayne's wife: Anne Marie Thomas
Wayne Foster, Jamey's brother: Art Oden
Collard Darnell, Marshell's sister: Lauren Bone
Pixrose Wilson, Leon's friend: Alice Rainey
Brocker Slade Marshael's friend: David Goss

1988 – 1989 Season

Tales from Hollywood
By: Christopher Hampton
Directed by: Ken McCulough (MFA)

By: George Bernard Shaw
Directed By: Luigi Salerni

The Miser
By: Moliere
Directed By: Stephen Hancock

Memphis Moving Line (Shakespeare/Moving On)
By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: Jo Lenhart and Moira Logan

Kabuki Medea
By: William Shakespeare
Directed  By: Shazo Sato

1987 – 1988 Season

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
By: Tom Stoppard
Directed By: Larry Riley

Alice's Adventures
By: Lewis Carroll
Dircted By: Joanna Helming

Blood Sisters
By: Valerie Miner
Directed By: Luigi Salerni

Room Service
By: Allen Boretz and John Murray
Directed By: Stephen Hancock

By: Yusef Komunyakaa
Directed By: Ellen Caldwell (MFA)

New Moves: A Dance Concert
Choreographed By: Moira Logan

1986 – 1987 Season

The American Dream and Zoo Story
Luigi Salerni
School for Scandal – Joanna Helming
The Serpent- Terry Scott (MFA)
West Side Story-– Luigi Salerni & Susan Chreitzburg
The Fifth of July -Joanna Helming

1985 – 1986 Season

The Skin of Out Teeth –Joanna Helming
Trafford Tanzi –Hinson
A Lesson from Aloes –Cannon
Master Harold and the Boys –Cannon
Perspectives A Dance Concert –Moira Logan
Memphis Moving Line
Talley's Folly –Edward Powers (MFA)
American Buffalo– Jim West
Come Back to the Fire & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean- April 86- K. Kennedy

1984 – 1985 Season

The Night of the Iguana –Joanna Helming
A Moon for the Misbegotten –Jackson
Enter Laughing –Paul Bogart
Rashomon –Ken Zimmerman and Susan Chrietzberg
Memphis Moving Line
Iamges –Sally Radell and Georgia Engart (guest)
Betrayal– Turner
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas –K. Kennedy and S. Chrietzberg

1983 – 1984 Season

Tartuffe –Douglas Koertge
Bus Stop –Bowles
Strider –Keith Kennedy
Phaedra –Shrawder
Memphis Moving Line
My Fair Lady– Ken Zimmerman
Three One Acts By James McClure – Helming, Eaves and Ross
Passion with Tropes –Jeffrey Posson

1982 – 1983 Season

The Robber Bridegroom –Ken Zimmerman
Weekend Children's Theatre –Joanna Helming
The Little Prince –Lukesetich
When You Comin Back, Red Ryder –Keith Kennedy
The Wanderer –Gloria Baxter
Memphis Moving Line
Of Mice and Men– Grehan
MSU Spring Dance Concert –Michelle Allan-Varon
As You Like It –Joanna Helming

1981 – 1982 Season

Ring Around the Rainbow–Joanna Helming
Histrioniks- Whalley and Caldwell
Inherit the Wind- Jeffery Posson
She Stoops To Conquer- Cavella
Playboy of the Western World- Hudson
Time of Your Life- Keith Kennedy
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf- Ron Gephart
The Three Sisters- Joanna Helming

1980 – 1981 Season

A Clockwork Orange –Jeffrey Posson
Rikki Tikki Tave –Joanna Helming
Picnic –Jeffrey Posson
A Dance Evening – January 81 – Smith
Two by Welty –Gloria Baxter
Memphis Moving line
The Royal Hunt of the Sun –Keith Kennedy
God's Trombones –Erma Clanton

SUMMER: "Wit and Wacky" June 81
The Harmfulness of Tobacco – Posson
The Boor – Gephart
Swan Song – Posson
The Bald Soprano – Swanson
The Lesson – Swanson
The Sandbox – Hudson