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Cultural Enrichment

Our project is committed to the holistic development of project participants via exposure to cultural and academic programs not usually available to or known to them such as etiquette lunches/dinners; fine arts; study abroad; the regional TRiO McNair/SSS Research Conference, etc.  Participants will receive communications on how to sign up for these activities during the course of the academic year.



Themed workshops are available to all TRiO participants to aid in self-development and maturation in transition to the "real world".  Our workshop topics and delivery options are flexible to meet a myriad of participant goals.  Participants should reference our social media pages and UofM email for the latest workshop offerings.

Please Note:  Although we expect students to place academic success as the highest priority, it is recommended that SSP participants attend or view online at least three workshops during the course of each academic semester.


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