Event RSVP

Use the links below to RSVP for any of our in-person events.  Questions about the workshop?  Feel free to contact us!  Don't forget to bring your ID on day of event.

Sept. 9th - Introducing the Center for Writing and Communication (CWC), 2:30p UC, room 338   

Sept. 23rd - "Making excellence the norm" presented by STS, 2:30p UC, room 363  

Sept. 25th - "Up til Dawn" community service initiative, 2:30p Shirley C. Raines Centennial Place, room 186  

Sept. 30th - Global Foundations: Study Abroad in Costa Rica next summer!, 2:30p, UC, room 261  

October 2nd - Demystifying Generation Z, 2:30p, UC, room 308   Sign-up

October 11th - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Seminar, 12:30p, UC, room 308   Sign-up

October 21st - Accelerate your degree plan, 2:30p, UC, room 300   Sign-up

November 6th - "Show me the money!" Financial Aid & Scholarships, 2:30p, UC, room 304   Sign-up

Nov. 8th - Memphis Ambassador Program (employment opportunity!) 12:30p, Brister 100  Sign-up