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Assessment and Job Placement (CRP)


The Assessment Unit

The assessment unit operates under UMID, providing Vocational Assessment and Vocational Evaluation for persons with disabilities to increase positive and sustainable employment outcomes. In line with UMID’s Guiding Principles, assessments are person-centered and systematic. Assessments are completed based on the referral questions of the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and follow the Tennessee Vocational Evaluation and Testing protocol. The Assessment Unit’s services are not limited to clients of our Career Development and Transition Programs. We welcome ALL Vocational Rehabilitation clients of VR to discover and understand their potential role in the world of work.

The Job Placement and Sustainability Unit (JPSU)

The Job Placement and Sustainability Unit (JPSU) operates under UMID providing the opportunity for the development of employability skills and securing employment for persons with disabilities. The JPSU team works tirelessly to train clients for work that aligns with each individual's hopes, talents and abilities. The program is not exclusive to alumni of UMID programs but open to every individual with a disability who wants to work. Through the development of skills to enhance employability and matching qualified candidates with businesses we help clients discover the potential for life-long work opportunities.

In keeping with the guiding principles of the Institute on Disability, we envision a more diverse and inclusive future where all people are equipped with the skills and free to be a contributing part of their communities.  We at The Assessment Unit hope to incite this change by working to empower those with disabilities and creating opportunities for finding purpose in meaningful work. 
For more information or partnership opportunities, please contact umid@memphis.edu or 901.678.4303.