The University of Memphis Institute on Disability

The University of Memphis Institute on Disability
Research Overview

Research at UMID is driven by an interdisciplinary team of faculty from various UofM departments, including counseling psychology, educational research, behavioral analysis and social work. The team also includes doctoral-level students who are budding researchers and seek experience writing grants, conducting studies and publishing research in peer-reviewed journals.

Our goal is to advance quantitative and qualitative research on disabilities and vocational rehabilitation. In particular, we conduct research on postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities, such as the TigerLIFE program at UofM. TigerLIFE provides two-years of academic, social, and vocational training and prepares young adults for employment and independent living upon graduation. Learn more about current and past research projects >

A number of our studies are conducted in conjunction with the other members of the Tennessee Inclusive Higher Education Alliance (University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Lipscomb University, Union University, and the University of Memphis). The majority of current UMID research is supported by a 5-year, 1.5 million dollar grant awarded to UMID from the Department of Education for Transition Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (TPSID).