Pre-ETS Program

The Pre-ETS (education Transition Services)Program provides transition services for youth with disabilities who are between the ages of 14-22 and who are still in school.  It is a partnership between the University of Memphis, Shelby County Schools, and the municipal school districts. The purpose of the program is to help prepare students for the transition from high school to a post-secondary career path which could include post-secondary education, training or employment.

Pre-ETS is a collaboration between high schools and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).

The students do not have to be VR clients.
Students can be in public, private, or Home Schooled.
Receiving Pre-ETS services does not guarantee that a student would be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
Pre-ETS is available to all students with disabilities between 14 and 22 years of age who meet the below requirements:

Have a documented disability (via an IEP, 504 or physicians note).
Are still in school (have not graduated from high school or are in an extended transition program in their high school), can be in Post-Secondary Education program and
Are between the ages of 14-22.
Pre-ETS is a FREE program because the program is federally funded by the WIOA. 

This means Pre-ETS Program does not use the family’s household income or resources to establish eligibility. 
This also means there is not a long application process and “lots” of documentation to provide in order to apply for services or be determined eligible for services.