University Schools Extended Learning 

The University Schools provide extended learning opportunities across all of our training and laboratory schools. Partnering with local organizations, University of Memphis departments, and University Schools faculty members, the Extended Learning program serves over 50 percent of students throughout the academic year.

With programs that focus on physical fitness, science, technology, the arts, and unique studies, the extended learning program both provides childcare and extension opportunities for families.

With over 20 years of extended learning history, the University Schools has developed rich partnerships and traditions that yield unique programming for students to engage in after the traditional school day. This program has also allowed several UofM departments to pilot, test, and codify childhood programs that have spread across the community for extended learning at other public, private, and charter schools in Shelby County.

While the program is tuition based, confidential need-based scholarships ensure all students are able to participate.

If you are interested in learning more about University Schools Extended Learning, please visit the semester guides, linked in the left sidebar. 


Extended Learning Partner Organizations