Web Software Resources

Software sites are about as vast as the Internet itself! Listed below are just a few sites that we consider quite reputable.

Internet Software Resources

HTTrack Website Copier
Free and easy-to-use offline browser utility allowing download of complete World Wide Web website(s).
Content Management Software
software for your Web site
Web Site Availability Monitoring Software
Tucows, Inc.
one of my personal all-time favorites.
Windows PC Software
C|Net's freeware download site.
ZDNet Software Library Downloads
ZDNet; another good basic Internet / Web info site.

UofM Software:

umApps Solutions / Software

Software Tools Categorized by Function:

A software program (also known as a "Web browser") used to locate and display information on the Internet or an intranet. Examples include Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Communications' Navigator. Most browsers can display graphics, photographs and text; multimedia information (such as sound and video) may require additional software, known as "plug-ins."
News Readers Resources
Also called RSS Readers, News Aggregators are applications that began as a way to distribute news releases.
Software Plugins Resources
A program that uses a Web browser's application programming interface. Each plug-in is browser- and platform-specific. Plug-ins are stored locally, on the same machine as the browser. The best-known plug-ins are those that allow the display or playback of special file types (such as animation, audio or video) directly in the browser window.

Helpful Terms

free downloadable trial software that usually includes no support, sometimes includes a README.txt file for some help.
Beta versions
software released to the public that's in de-bug stage; may still have "bugs", problems, etc.