Web Governance

The University of Memphis encourages its units (colleges, divisions, departments, centers, organizations, etc.) and its individual account holders to participate in the World Wide Web (WWW ) or Web, not only by using it as a resource, but by creating and managing their own Web pages as well. As with any work undertaken at the University, creating and maintaining Web pages should be performed with pride and should reflect favorably upon both the University and the page authors. These pages will be seen by WWW users the world over.

The University must obey laws and governing body regulations, create the most comfortable environment for the greatest number of University members, project a positive image, and communicate effectively. For these reasons, the UofM must govern the use of its Web resources.

The University policy titled GE2019 - University Websites  has been approved and is an official university policy drafted and developed by the University. If you are involved in creating or maintaining Web pages at the University of Memphis, please take a few minutes to read and familiarize yourself with the policy.