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The application that gave us all the Internet, Web browsers come in various flavors. Some of the most popular, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari for Mac, are the one's most of us are familiar with.

Browser plug-ins and add-ons in today's Web browsers may include editors, e-mail readers, RSS aggregators, and more.

Evolt.org, a world community for web developers, promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences, has a nice browser archive. Listed below, a collection of Web browsers:

W3C's editor / browser.
by Avant.
by Google.
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft's new browser designed for Windows 10.
Internet Explorer
Microsoft's browser.
Maxthon Browser
by Maxthon.
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox is an award winning preview of next generation browsing technology from mozilla.org.
Firefox Portable
Designed for portability.
by NeoPlanet.
Best test environment for basic functionality of web pages.
Hailed as the fastest browser on earth and the most standards-compliant, Opera uses less memory and less space on your hard drive than competing browser applications.
Hailed as the fastest browser on the Mac - the best browser on any platform.
Mozilla's new project.

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