Web Training Resources

UofM Web Training Resources

Training is available for many web specifics unique to The University of Memphis web community in maintaining our web site. Together with Marketing and Communication, WebDev and Web and Mobile Services is primarily the teams involved with these tasks of maintaining our UofM web site.

Numerous options for training are available to our web community; Learning Curve offers training sessions in a classroom setting through several venues throughout the campus, FedEx Institute training, another beautiful venue specifically tailored with technology in mind.

Omni CMS Online Training

Users that maintain content on the official University of Memphis web site, are required to have minimum Omni CMS Online Training to understand at least the basics of content editing, site organization and construct, access settings, and more.

Siteimprove offers training, courses, modules, including certificates of completion for courses taken. Siteimprove Academy and Community is available to The UofM web community. Course topics include Digital Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Analytics and more.

Other Web Training Resources

There are a number of great online web training and tutorial resources that are available via the Web. These training resources can guide the beginner into becoming more and more familiar with the terms and environment of the Internet. All of the local book stores carry some excellent guides for developing Web skills as well as covering more complicated topics such as JavaScript and image mapping. The following links provide access to a few of the tutorial / training sites available to users. Once you begin to use the Web, you will discover many more of these sites.

Deque University: Web Accessibility Training
Deque University: Web Accessibility Training and Courses. Also available, the aXe: the Accessibility Engine that test for Web Accessibility - Chrome Extension available for Web Developers.
W3C Schools Full Web building tutorials
This site offers tutorials, references, examples and certificates that includes HTML / XHTML, CSS, TCP / IP, XML, browser scripting, server scripting, multimedia and more.