From Multicultural Women's Literature to Independent Study
Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program open to students currently admitted to any graduate program at the University of Memphis. It is also available to graduate students enrolled at another institution, as well as to individuals holding a graduate degree who wish to pursue further professional credentials.
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Focusing on scholarship of women and gender

Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Memphis is an academic program that focuses on the scholarship of women and gender, and how we think about race, class, sexuality and social inequality. Our interdisciplinary program offers an undergraduate minor and a graduate certificate.

Women's and Gender Studies Course Information - Fall 2017

Since Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program, not a department, we draw most of our courses from departments throughout the University. Please check with individual departments for further information on these courses, and verify meeting times through the online course scheduling system. If you have questions about courses not listed here, please contact the Assistant Director of Women's and Gender Studies, Dr. Marygrace Hemme (The Director of Women's and Gender Studies, Dr. Kathy Lou Schultz is on leave for the 2016-2017 academic year.)

Graduate Certificate Courses

Criminology and Criminal Justice: 7460 - Race, Ethnicity, Gender

English: 7328/8328 -  Maj Authors: Afr-Amer Lit / 7337/8337  Afr-Amer Lit, 1930-1988

History: 6851 - US Women / 6863 - Childhood / 7060/8060 - Women/Gender Historiography

Sociology: 7410 -  Sociology Of Gender

Undergraduate Minor Courses

Communication: 4212 - Gender and Communication (Lambuth)

Criminology and Criminal Justice: 4010  Intimate Partner Violence / 4460  Race/Ethnicity/Gender/America

English: 2201  Literary Heritage-LGBTQ Lit / 3325 - Af/Am Lit thru Harlem Ren / 3326 - Af/Am Lit since Harlem Ren /                   3730 - 20th Century Women Writers / 4372 - Af/Am Author/Harlem Ren

History: 3881 - African American History / 4851 - US Women / 4863  Childhood

Philosophy: PHIL - 3452 Feminist Theory / PHIL - 3471  African American Philosophy / PHIL 3880 - Problems in Philosophy: Language and Power

Political Science: 4212 - Const Law Civil Liberty;

Psychology: 3236 - Psychology of Gender

Sociology: 3200  - Sociology of Sex and Gender / 3422 - Racial/Ethnc Minorities / 3401 - Social Inequality

Women's Studies: 2010/2100 -  Introduction Women's and Gender Studies