WGST at UofM

The Women’s and Gender Studies program trains undergraduate and graduate students across the interdisciplinary fields of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies through courses in Anthropology, Art, Communication, Criminal Justice, English, History, Philosophy Political Science, Religion, Social Work, Sociology, and more!

In the program, WGST students engage in the study of gender and sexual identity through diverse approaches, sources, and perspectives. They investigate how categories of gender and sexuality are constructed, shaped, and negotiated in social, economic, political, and institutional contexts. Students learn the ways that gender and sexuality intersect with other categories of difference such as race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, class, and ability as they work to understand, and then confront, systems of power and oppression.

WGST students become well-versed in interdisciplinary methodologies and research methods and learn to communicate effectively on ethical, social, and political issues related to gender, sexuality, and the body. The program produces sophisticated thinkers, nuanced writers, and polished presenters who are empathetic and engaged leaders.

Beyond the classroom, WGST students participate in internships and study abroad. They find and build community on campus through student organizations and honors societies while engaging with local, national, and international communities through service learning and volunteer work.

Students with experience in WGST are sought after in a variety of professions. Our alumni work in wide-ranging careers in advocacy, business, education, healthcare, law, politics, and social services.