Community Outreach

The University of Memphis is proud to announce that formal agreements have been made with the following schools for shared curriculums, lectures, and teaching materials. We hope that this is the first step of many towards significantly greater exposure and recognition for the Information Technology capabilities of the participating schools and surrounding businesses.

We hope that continued interest will be maintained by the Mid-South area and our efforts can encourage the growth of not only the students but also the private sector as a result of a supply of NSA certified graduates entering the job market.

Currently Engaged Schools

Christian Brothers University

Mid-South Community College

LeMoyne-Owen College

Rhodes College

Rust College

In an effort to expand the influence of the program we are trying to involve as many schools as possible. Each school in the program has the potential to collaborate with the University of Memphis in future proposals and grants. In addition the University of Memphis will share teaching materials with partners, offer video-lectures, investigate articulation, and promote the continuation of undergraduate and graduate students to pursue a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree with available scholarships in IA.

Understand that this is not an exhaustive list, if you would like to be included here or begin discussions about a collaboration please contact Dipankar Dasgupta for details.