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UM3D: Instructional Impact

The UM3D Instructional Impact team provides instructional design support to faculty who teach on-ground, hybrid, and online courses. Our goal is to guide you through the 3 d’s (design, development, and delivery) of technology-enhanced instruction. Our team currently provides one-on-one consultations, group meetings, and departmental support in the following areas: course design and planning, instructional media and content development, and teaching in blended, hybrid, and online environments.


Course Design and Planning

Course and curriculum planning and design services include: Guide for Online Developers (GOLD), Smart Start Learner Readiness Assessment, and course design consultations. We also collaborate with academic departments and faculty to integrate student success services and online readiness solutions for UofM Global programs. Other areas of services include: (a) online/hybrid teaching onboarding of GTAs and new faculty, (b) application of analytics in the design and evaluation of instruction, (c) identifying alternative pathways for learning and degree completion, (d) translation of student success metrics into actionable course plans, and (e) implementation of universal design for learning (UDL).



Instructional Media and Content Development

Instructional media and content development services currently includes the UM3D Instructional Media Service. Through this service, our team provides faculty with a range of media production services to enhance their on-ground, hybrid and online teaching. Services provided include creating course related videos, and developing multimedia-based course content.



Teaching in Blended, Hybrid, and Online Environments

Teaching and instructional support services currently include the UM3D Ignite Series, the UM3D Toolkit, and consultation services related to effective teaching and instruction in technology-enhanced learning environments. The goal of these services are to facilitate discussion and faculty/staff professional development related to learner engagement and effective teaching in technology-rich learning environments. Topics include: (a) integration of technology in the face-to-face classroom, (b) creating teaching presence in the online classroom, (c) encouraging critical thinking, (d) unique challenges of post-traditional students, (e) student retention and success, and (f) building learning communities.


Need help with technology training and technology support? Technology training and support is provided by the ITS Trainers in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Contact or call 901.678.8888 to learn more.