Pedagogy Resources

UM3D instructional designers support UofM instructors with teaching and learning best practices, professional development opportunities, and on demand training and pedagogy courses. We look forward to working with you soon!

Enroll in one of UM3D's Canvas courses and learn at your own pace. Choose from:

Growing with Canvas

Canvas basics, all in one place. This course is designed as an interactive reference resource.

Advancing with Canvas

Learn advanced Canvas tools to engage students and monitor their progress; create more engaging pages within your Canvas courses; use surveys to increase student engagement; create adaptive learning modules; and use external learning tools within your Canvas courses.This course is designed as an interactive reference resource. We add new modules to this course every semester.

Academic Integrity

Discover best-practices in the design, development, and delivery of your courses to: reduce student motivations to act dishonestly; leverage Canvas tools to prevent and detect specific dishonest acts; and meaningfully engage your students in a conversation about the importance of academic integrity.

Summer Institute Canvas Course

Couldn’t make UM3D’s Summer Institute 2023 in person this year? No worries—we created a self-paced Canvas course just for you! Discover Canvas analytics and how to use them to review and update your courses, plus how to reengage learners through surveys and course materials.

Summer Institute

Our most recent Summer Institute was held in June 2023. Led by University Libraries’ UM3D team of instructional designers and technology trainers, this three-day in-person event focused on using Canvas analytics, improving student engagement, and AILLMss. We built a companion Canvas course for those who couldn't attend in person, linked above in the On Demand section.

Winter Summit

In our Winter Summits, faculty across the University of Memphis demonstrate their innovative programs, courses, and projects that target instructional approaches in hybrid and online learning environments. Come see what your peers are up to and learn how to turn your great ideas into great instruction. The next Winter Summit is scheduled for December 2023.

One-on-one Consultations

UM3D Instructional Designers regularly consult one-on-one with instructors and faculty. Here's how to make an appointment.

Departmental Presentations

Have an UM3D instructional designer present in person or virtually at your department's faculty meeting. Choose from one of the presentations below or work with an ID to create a custom presentation. Contact um3d@memphis.edu for more information.

Rethinking & retooling discussion boards - 45 minutes

Online discussion boards can be key to encouraging student interaction, widening participation, and fostering deeper thinking, especially in online courses. So why do you dread reading and grading them? Join UM3D instructional designers as they reveal what makes a good discussion, best practices, and how to use Canvas to make your current discussions work better instantly.

Course design basics - 45 minutes

Great courses all have one thing in common: great course design. Learn the essentials and best practices from seasoned UM3D instructional designers.

Student engagement best practices - 45 minutes

Students who are curious, interested, or inspired are said to be engaged in their learning. In on ground classes, instructors often rely on visual cues to determine student interest levels, but what about online courses? Join UM3D instructional designers as they reveal strategies to promote engagement that work both on ground and online.

Mind the Gap: Using surveys to fill learning gaps - 45 minutes

Do you feel like you are just grading—not teaching-- your online courses? Join UM3D instructional designers to explore how designing and incorporating small surveys in your courses can directly improve student experience, fill learning gaps, and help you to better know your online students.

Academic Integrity - 45 minutes

Join instructional designers from UM3D to discuss what motivates students to engage in academically dishonest behavior and its prevalence in in-person and online learning. We'll explore how course design, development, and delivery considerations can undercut these motivations and substantially reduce the prevalence of cheating within your courses, both on ground and online.

UM3D works closely with other library offerings, student success services, and administrative departments on campus. The listing below contains links out to services not provided by UM3D that faculty might find useful to integrate into their courses.


  • OERR - Information on Open Educational Resources OERR), open licensing, and other issues pertinent to free educational materials for all teaching staff, researchers, and students.
  • Library Liaisons - Every department has their own library liaison. Find yours here.
  • Digital commons - The University of Memphis Digital Commons is a digital representation meant to promote Special Collections, Government Publications, Research & Scholarship, Electronic Theses and Dissertations and Open Access Journals for the purposes of greater visibility of scholarship for the University of Memphis community.
  • NEDtalks NEDtalks is a bi-annual research forum hosted by the Ned McWherter Library where UofM professors and students share recent research in engaging & entertaining 15-minute presentations in theTEDtalkss style. One event of the year is dedicated to UofM professors. The second event,NEDxStudents, is dedicated to UofM students.
  • Permalinks - Ensure the library continues to carry journals that matter to you by using Permalinks to link to online articles housed in library databases. Find out more here.
  • Kanopyy Kanopyy is a very popular online streaming service at University of Memphis offering a number of high-quality documentaries and feature films from sources like Janus Films (Criterion Collection) and the Media Education Foundation available to the University of Memphis community through what is known as a patron-driven acquisition program PDAAA).


  • SensusAccess -SensusAccess is a one-stop self-service, alternate media and document remediation service for educational institutions. SensusAccess allows students, faculty, staff, and alumni to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media. SensusAccess is embedded into all Canvas courses, but is administered byDRSS.


  • Upswing - A free tutoring service to all current students at the University of Memphis. Work in real-time with a tutor or submit a question online 24 / 7 (subject to tutor availability).



UM3D can only do so much in Canvas. Place a ticket with the registrar's office for these common issues:

  • TA/GA
  • Name change
  • Scheduling courses


  • Helpdesk - Help with technology.
  • MediaSite - Mediasite is an audio, video, and content capture tool. This allows faculty, trainers, and staff to create and share training modules, lectures, and assignments. Mediasite also offers a friendly launch pad for users to record, upload, manage, and publish their own video content using Mediasite.


  • Tiger Smart Start - Please see the BNCC Adoption & Insights in your faculty portal. Tiger Smart Start is administered by the bookstore (not UM3D!).