About UM3D


In collaboration with faculty and other stakeholders, UM3D’s mission is to enhance the institutional effectiveness of the University’s courses and programs by providing pedagogical and learning management support grounded in inclusive, evidence-based, and outcomes focused instruction.  


  • Flexible 
  • Evidence-based 
  • Innovative, responsive, and creative 
  • Solutions-driven 
  • Professional  
  • Supportive 
  • Collaborative 
  • Model diversity, equity, and inclusion 


To become widely recognized on campus for providing exceptional academic learning support. 

Instructional Support Services: 

  • Pedagogical Consulting 
  • Learning Management Training 
  • Instructional Design Workshops 
  • Course Development Support 
  • Course Redesign and Revision  
  • Connect Faculty to Library Support Services 

An image of the depearment purpose