Advising Load and Effectiveness

Project Scope:
  • Review advising responsibilities across campus, focusing on the effectiveness of our current advising system(s) and the corresponding accountability structure.
  • Examine various advising strategies based on existing research, with a focus on the effectiveness of centralized vs. decentralized vs. hybrid models.
  • Review research-based best practices for advising students; identify gaps, if any.
  • Review available data on student satisfaction with advising (from existing surveys).
  • Implement ‘quick hits’ where possible.
  • Evaluate feasibility of changes to current advising system(s) and practices, and make recommendations regarding next steps. Recommendations need to be realistic given our current budget realities (i.e., no new positions).
Data Sources: 
  • Case load numbers
  • Survey results
  • Narrative description of advising models by College

PROPOSED TIMELINE:  April 2013 - September 2013Agenda/Minutes

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