Governing Structure

Executive Leadership Board: 

Provides overall sponsorship, vision and guidance. Addresses issues of strategy and policy. Makes key decisions regarding organizational changes and resources allocation, and ensures changes are successfully communicated, achieved and measured for progress towards service excellence goals.

Executive Members:

  • David Russomanno, Executive Vice President Academic Affairs/Provost
  • Rene Bustamante, Executive Vice President Chief Operations Officer/Chief Financial Officer
  • Jasbir Dhaliwal, Executive Vice President Research Innovation
  • Jeff Delaney, Chief Information Officier
  • Karen Weddle-West, Vice President Student Academic Success
  • Tom Nenon, Ex-officio

Project Management Group (PMG):

Serves as the internal UofM Process Consulting team. Manages the portfolio of projects; promotes adherence to best practices and ensures consistency in methodology and overall alignment with UofM strategy. Identifies and recommends future process improvement projects to the Leadership board with the input of the campus-wide executives group.

  • Serve as champions of change and support improvement efforts, both large and small
  • Assemble project team members and identify team leads
  • Work to eliminate project roadblocks within the organization
  • Serve as mentors to team leads and team members as they plan and execute projects
  • Through the course of projects, identify critical communication points and bring to the PMG the issues that need to be communicated to the campus
  • Review project scopes to ensure that they are achievable and well-defined

PMG Members:

  • Cassandra Dinwiddie,Co-Chair, Director Academic Affairs Finance
  • Colette Williams, Director University Process Improvement
  • Darla Keel, AVP Strategic Enrollment/Registrar 
  • Deborah Becker, Co-Chair, Assistant VP Financial Planning
  • Latica Jones, Business Officer III College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Maria Alam, Assistant VP Human Resource, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Meghan Pfeiffer, Director QEP Academic Coach Support Services
  • Shruti Bapat, Business Process Analyst, University Process Improvement
  • Sue Hull-Toye, Assistant Chief Information Officer
  • Terrice Watson, AVP Research & Compliance

 Governing Organization Chart & Roles Defined:

E-mail: pmg@memphis.edu