English Department Policy & Procedures Handbook Review

Project Scope:

Conduct a systematic review of the Department’s policy and procedure handbook; develop recommendations for possible revisions with the goal of increasing effectiveness and advancing the Department’s goals.

PROPOSED TIMELINE: December 2013 - February 2014

Project Outcomes:
  • Team met and reviewed the English Departments Policy and Procedures Handbook.  Recommendations carried forward and approved:
    • All committees to be comprised of an odd number of voting members
    • Directors to be elected by the voting Faculty
    • Term limits defined
    • Elections/polling to be conducted electronically - web-based. Eliminates need for absentee voting process. Votes/input can be cast from anywhere/anytime. System captures input and displays aggregated data in various formats. Results electronically archived. Ballots easily and more efficiently prepared and distributed. More anonymous and secure than current paper-based process. 

Project Team:


Phone: 901.678.2213  |   E-mail: processimprovement@memphis.edu