Appointment Part-Time Faculty

Project Scope:

Using the work of the 2011 Part-Time Faculty Appointment Team as a starting point, develop and implement an electronic appointment process for part-time faculty (Banner E-Class = PF) using the eContract/EPAF model. (Note that effective spring/early summer 2013, all EPAFs will be created by the Shared Services Center.) Create or modify existing reports, as needed, to meet the needs of end user departments, HR, and SSC. Create or modify documentation and training.

PROPOSED TIMELINE: February - April 2014; target is for electronic process to be used for Fall 2014 appointments

Agenda/Minutes Project Plan "Current AS IS" Mapping "TO BE" Mapping

Project Updates and Outcomes:
  • Developed eContract with approval workflows
  • Incorporated 'Exception Process' within eContract, eliminating paper memo  
  • Eliminated the requirement for 'Letter of Recommendations' 
  • Eliminated the requirement for 'Unofficial Transcript' 
  • Workforum Part-time faculty application form has new added fields which eliminates the paper data fact sheet 
  • EPAF creation was moved from department personnel to Shared Services Center
  • Moved approvals from EPAF to eContract, providing better reporting options
  • Updated training materials

Project Team:

Phone: 901.678.2213  |   E-mail: