Termination of Users' Resources  

Project Scope:

Review existing policies, procedures, and business practices and conduct an assessment of risks for not immediately terminating user access to all enterprise IT resources (e.g., email, portal, ITNAS file shares, Banner, D2L, umwiki, etc.).  The risk assessment must include all user roles that access enterprise IT resources.  Deliverables include, but are not limited to:

1)  Risk assessment for each existing user role (e.g., employee, student, former student, former employee, etc.)
2)  Changes to policy, procedures, and business practices (including retention of data, email, etc.) to address critical items as identified in the risk assessments
3) Project plan for implementing proposed changes
4) Communications to stakeholders for proposed changes, including changes to existing check-lists (e.g., graduation, employment, etc.)

PROPOSED TIMELINE:  April -  September 2016 

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