Transfer Student Transition

Project Scope:

Review how the University facilitates the transition of incoming undergraduate, degree seeking transfer students, both traditional and non-traditional; recommend and implement enhancements, leveraging both in-person and technological (portal and Hobson’s) transition opportunities including transfer student orientation; examine and incorporate best practices from other institutions; incorporate student input as appropriate (e.g., focus groups, interviews); recommend an ongoing approach to maintaining what is developed.


Project Updates:

Project Team:
  • Allecia Powell, Communication, Marketing
  • Desmond Robinson, Team Lead,Student Success Programs
  • Colette Williams, Process Improvement - Project Manager
  • Dee Beard, Nursing
  • Joy Stout, Adult & commuter Student Services
  • Kate Howard, Student Recruitment
  • Kathy Walker, Health & Human Sciences
  • Yolanda Flemings, Project Assistant
  • Yolanda Mathews, Academic Transfer and Articulation

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