About UMID

The University of Memphis Institute on Disability (UMID) is an interdisciplinary center offering career development and transition services to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Mission Statement:  UMID is an entity with a focus on enhancement of the condition of persons with disabilities through the rigorous and comprehensive interdisciplinary exploration of new knowledge.  It provides and promotes scholarly and community-based exploration of this knowledge by means of creative scholarly research, learner-based teaching and constituent-based community service in the Memphis area and throughout the world.

In 2012, UMID established the TigerLIFE Post-secondary Education Program based on the Think College model fostered by the Higher Education Act of 2008. TigerLIFE, an inclusive college campus experience and vocational training for individuals with IDD, is a 60-hour program culminating in a completion award in Career and Community Studies.

UMID works to accomplish the following goals:

  • Prepare adults with disabilities for employment and independent living
  • Develop programs such as TigerLIFE at other colleges and universities
  • Conduct research to determine empirically-supported best practices for college transition services (click on the research tab for more information)

Click here to see a flowchart of UMID's organizational structure.

If you would like to speak with someone at UMID, please contact Maurice Williams, UMID Associate Director, at mwillia@memphis.edu.