CAS Top Faculty by Scopus H-Index

About Scopus H-Index

The University of Memphis subscribes to Scopus, a database of citations and abstracts. An H-index of 40 means, for example, that a scientist has published 40 papers that each has at least 40 citations.

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Tom Sutter 53 Department of Biological Sciences
Irena Lasiecka 50 Department of Mathematical Sciences
David Rudd 46 Department of Psychology
Bela Bollobas 45 Department of Mathematical Sciences
Roberto Triggiani 40 Department of Mathematical Sciences
Sanjay Mishra 39 Department of Physics and Materials Science
Omar Skalli 39 Department of Biological Sciences
Shaun Gallagher 37 Department of Philosophy
Charles Langston 37 Center for Earthquake Research and Information
Xiaohua Huang 36 Department of Chemistry
Santosh Kumar 35 Department of Computer Science
Abby Parrill-Baker 34 Department of Chemistry
Kan Yang 34 Department of Computer Science