2022 CAS Career Milestone

NOTE: This list is compiled from the Human Resources Department website. And is generated once a year in November after Accolades is published. The 2023 Career Milestones will be presented some time in November through Human Resources.

Sixty Years of Service

  • Charles Crawford, History

Thirty-Five Years of Service

  • James Bollwerk, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
  • Robert Smalley, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
  • Dionysia Bacopulos, Mathematics

Twenty-Five Years of Service

  • Pilar Alcalde, World Languages and Literatures
  • Dipankar Dasgupta, Computer Science
  • John Gilmore, Anthropology
  • Marion Powless, Psychology
  • Mitchell Withers, Center for Earthquake Research & Information

Twenty Years of Service

  • Manohar Aggarwal, Mathematics
  • Mervin Bartholomew, Earth Sciences
  • Gary Emmert, Chemistry
  • David Freeman, Biology
  • Cosetta Gaudenzi, World Languages and Literatures
  • Mohamed Laradji, Physics and Materials Science
  • Joshua Phillips, English
  • Sajjan Shiva, Computer Science
  • Deborah Tollefsen, Philosophy

Fifteen Years of Service

  • Randall Bayer, Biology
  • Carlos Bolton, English
  • Keri Brondo, Anthropology
  • Chris Cramer, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
  • Tomoko Fujiwara, Chemistry
  • Denis Grele, World Languages and Literatures
  • Amanda Lambert-Pennington, School of Urban Affairs
  • Kriangsiri Malasri, Computer Science
  • Scott Marler, History
  • Elizabeth Meisinger, Psychology
  • Carey Mickalites, English
  • Kendra Murphy, Sociology
  • Heike Polster, World Languages and Literatures
  • Firouzeh Sabri, Physics and Materials Science
  • Alistair Windsor, Mathematics
  • Lan Zhang, World Languages and Literatures

Ten Years of Service

  • William Alexander, Chemistry
  • Kristoffer Berlin, Psychology
  • Dorian Burnette, Earth Sciences
  • Bert Burraston, Criminal Justice
  • Cristina Cervone, English
  • Christine Eisel, History
  • Susan Elswick, Social Work
  • Dawn Englert, Mathematics
  • Ronald Fuentes, English
  • Jennifer Loftus, Sociology
  • Benjamin McCarty, Mathematics
  • George Megelsh, Criminal Justice
  • Joshua Oladele, Mathematics
  • Dursun Peksen, Political Science
  • Diana Ruggiero, World Languages and Literatures
  • Terrence Tucker, English
  • Elizabeth Weston, English

5 Years of Service

  • Qianyi Cheng, Chemistry
  • Ron Serino, Interdisciplinary Studies