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These pages are dedicated to our world-class faculty and students and we congratulate them on their numerous awards and honors received throughout the years. Thank you for the countless hours spent on research, engaged scholarship, teaching, advising, presenting, and other academic endeavors to make the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Memphis an outstanding academic and research institution.

Awards Highlighted

  • Alumni Association Awards
  • University of Memphis Awards
  • College of Arts and Sciences Awards
  • Dean's Award for Advising Excellence
  • Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Distinguished Research Award (CASDRA)
  • Dunavant University Professorships
  • Early Career Research Award (ECRA)
  • Excellence in Engaged Scholarship
  • Catherine and Charles Freeburg Fellow
  • Michael K. Harless Faculty Excellence
  • Professional Development Assignments
  • Travel Enrichment Funds Application

Creative Works Highlighted

  • Publications
  • Books and Covers

Research, Grants and Funding Highlighted

  • Research Professorships
  • Faculty Research Grants
  • Millionaires
  • Grants and Funding
  • Graesser Presidential Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • First Time PIs
  • Scopus H-Index
  • Research Projects and Media News
  • Special Recognition

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