CAS Career Milestones 2023

For University of Memphis complete listing of Career Milestones, visit the Human Resources website.

Years of Service


40 Years of Service

Reza Banai, City and Regional Planning
Ebenezer George, Mathematics
Barbara Taller, Biology

35 Years of Service

Evell Ballard, Air Force ROTC
Maria Botelho, Mathematics
Roger Kreuz, College of Arts and Sciences
Charles Lessman, Biology
Glynda Luttman, World Languages and Literatures

30 Years of Service

Xiangen Hu, Psychology
Monika Nenon, World Languages and Literatures
Carol Rambo, Sociology

25 Years of Service

Stephen Horton, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Jenice Jackson, Institute For Intelligent Systems
Abby Parrill-Baker, College of Arts and Sciences
Gary Patterson, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Tricia Simmons, Mathematics

20 Years of Service

Adrienne Bonton, Chemistry
Judith Cole, Biology
Melloni Cook, Psychology
Guiomar Duenas-Vargas, History
Randolph Dupont, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Carlos Estrano, Biology
Thomas Hagen, Mathematics
Arleen Hill, Earth Sciences
Esra Ozdenerol, Earth Sciences
Vickie Peters, School of Urban Affairs
Vinhthuy Phan, Computer Science
Yongmei Wang, Chemistry

15 Years of Service

Joy Austin, English
Vania Barraza Toledo, World Languages and Literatures
Shelby Crosby, English
Chrystal Goudsouzian, History
Kathryn Hicks, Anthropology
Daphene McFerren, Hooks Institute for Social Change
Errol O'Neill, World Languages and Literatures
Ivan Ortega-Santos, World Languages and Literatures
Sarah Potter, History
Helen Sable, Psychology
Junmin Wang, Sociology
Xuan Zhao, Chemistry

10 Years of Service

Amy Abell, Biology
Gina Caucci, Psychology
Eunseo Choi, Center for Earthquake Research & Information
Michele Coffey, History
Melanie Conroy, World Languages and Literatures
William Duffy, English
Regan Edwards, World Languages and Literatures
David Grynkiewicz, Mathematics
Donal Harris, English
Kathryn Howell, Psychology
Stephanie Huette, Psychology
Amanda Johnson, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Youngsang Kwon, Earth Sciences
Irena Lasiecka, Mathematics
Jeffrey Leedham Jr, Political Science
Brook Marcks, Psychology
James McCutcheon, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Samuel Mensah, Physics and Materials Science
Ryan Parish, Earth Sciences
Joanne Rhodes, Physics and Materials Science
M. David Rudd, Psychology
Lauren Thompson, Integrated Microscopy Center
John Topinka, Public Administration
Micah Trapp, Anthropology
Roberto Triggiani, Mathematics
Beverly Tsacoyianis, History

5 Years of Service*

Emilie Bowman, College of Arts and Sciences
Katherine Freese, Biology
Stephanie Smith, Army ROTC
Laura Thomas, Sociology

*Please note only staff employees are recognized at 5 Years of Service. Faculty employees are recognized beginning with 10 Years of Service.